WWF "Will Work For Food" Contest

Ladies in Gentlemen welcome to the first bi-annual WWF “Will Work for Food CONTEST” lets get pumped for this main attraction, so exciting that it will not only leave you with SATISFACTION but shake you with a violent REACTION and unquenchable thirst for this blood fire ACTION.

Now Let’s sit, no STAND, no now get on your …NO jump till you drop! !!!

In this body blow battle of beach bodies what do we have at steak? Did I spell that wrong , no I didn’t it’s a STEAK Dinner for one paid in full by the LOSER!!!!

We have in this corner weighing in at 100lbs she slices, she Shreds, she Mixes and Kneads dough , its Janene the Food Processor Chavez!!!!

Now in this Corner, weighing in at 100lbs a man who doesn’t need to be knocked off his feet because he’s one drop of tequila away from it himself Jonny The Shot Glass Nicely!!!!

Two weeks, Two people, One Winner, WHO loses the most percentage of body fat and our WINNER will be anncouned on March 9,2011 on here on the JAE.

Lets Get Ready to GAMBLE!!!!!!!

…srs anyone want in on this? I’m thinkin’ like $20 on Janene

(Actual weight will not be disclosed in this article, however we will use it as a perspective for who’s lost the most weight)


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