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We're Back! I The Pat Podcast #10

Now that Pat is finished having babies, the productions can resume. What
stories does Pat have up his sleeves and what is the future of the JAE?
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Nothing like cracking open a cold one and turning on the tube and watching some good old Sporks

Cookie Conundrum I JAE Adventures

Two cookies left!? This is an outrage, have you ever had that problem where you want to be a gentlemen and NOT each the last cookie? It's a difficult line to walk, but no worries Pat has "a" solution.

Season Finale Break! I Jackass Express

The JAE takes a short season break as Pat deals with less important things such as "having a kid" jeez..

In any case thanks for hanging with us! We'll be back!

It's okay to get Angry I The Pat Podcast #9

I swore I'd never go back to that Doctor again...but guess what. Don't
worry this time I do a lot of swearing as well. In addition I discuss
why getting angry IS NOT a bad thing. In fact it's an extremely healthy
response. It's all about how you handle it.

RvB Fan OVA I Spiral Reimagined

Pat made this apparently. Pretty cool tribute to RvB

Fear or Laziness I The Pat Podcast #8

Visiting the Doctor can truly be a painful experience, especially in a
city where people like to compete for who is the "most sick". Pat
returns after a week of bad sinus infection and wonders if laziness and
fear have a correlation?