April's Two Cents

Caption Contest

Here is a new idea for JAE! It was inspired by a combination of a website I like to frequent and an attempt to re create some of the hilarious things said on Facebook when pictures are posted. Hope everyone likes it!

Rules: During each new edition of the Jackass Express, a new picture will be posted. Check out the picture and come up with your personal interpretation of what’s going on and create the funniest, cleverest (or most likely, dirtiest) caption you can think of. Send it to my email and each week we will choose the best option and for your amazing wonderful reward, your caption will appear in the next week’s edition! To start you off, here is an example of the type of pictures we will be choosing and an example of a winning caption, submitted by our fearless leader and editor of the JAE, Patrick.


Girl off camera: Do you smoke after sex?”

Brandon: “ I dunno baby, I’ve never looked.”


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