April's Two Cents

April Had A Dream

Everyone in the group,Audrey, Julian, Patrick, April, Chase, Brandon, Tip, Jon, and Janene were hanging out on a Field at Fort Bliss apparently watching an air show of some sort, after a short while Brandon and Chase decided to take off somewhere and we weren't sure where they went.

April and the rest of us, at that time saw an oddly shaped air craft with a propeller starting to spin wildly out of control and losing altitude, panicked we all started to run to April's car to get as far away as possible but it was too late and it crashed and exploded all of us leaping for cover.

April awoke in the hospital with severe burns on her back and learned that everyone was alive but seriously burned by the explosion however no one knew the whereabouts of Chase and Brandon, the nurse explained that they were not hurt because at the time of the explosion...they were at some girl's house engaging in "adult activities". In disbelief Patrick, along with the rest of the injured, uttered one of the most classic one liners I've ever heard...

"You mean they got saved because they got laid?!"


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