In case you hadn’t heard, the city of El Paso went into a state of emergency after a record winter storm (below 0 degrees) blasted us on Wednesday of last week. The city experienced power outages due to city power generators freezing and then overloading (most likely due to the energy going into maintaining heaters, space heaters, and other forms of heat) As a result of the overload,the city decided to issue a “Voluntary Curfew of 10p.m. and then started “rolling blackouts” which turned off power to different portions of the city at different times throughout the day. These were done to keep the remaining power generator (which was purchased from our neighbors in Mexico) from overloading itself.

Indecently as a result of the cold, the container holding the El Paso Water reservoir froze and then burst. The residents of the city were individually experiencing this in their own homes and not having water from the reservoir lead the city to believe that the water might be contaminated. People were advised to boil all water they received out of recently fixed faucets and because of the shortage of water issued a mandatory water conservation. This shut down all business that dealt with water as a primary source of their business, i.e. Restaurants, Laundromats, and Car Washes.

As a result all local area school districts in addition to UTEP and EPCC were closed since Groundhog’s Day and reopened yesterday Tuesday 8th, a wonderful 6 day weekend that puts the school board in quite the predicament because they have yet to decide if they are going to tack the days missed on to the end of the year or, shorten Spring Break. Needless to say citizens were a bit agitated by the city having been caught with its pants down.


  1. Jeez! I didn't know all that shit happened! What a fiasco.


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