WWF Update: Week 1

Our fighters are going toe to toe and they are death defying their doughy physiques by dodging the doughnuts and danishes! Now that we have a break in the action our JAE reporters have taken this opportunity to interview our fighters and get an update on how they are doing this week!

Janene: After one good week of portion control, consuming more vegetables, and working up a sweat on the stationary bike, I have lost two pounds. Although it is not as much as my opponent, it is huge victory for me. I have not been able to lose weight in about a year and this challenge has given me the push I needed to really get back into it. Keep in mind that the difference in weight lost this past week means nothing. My opponent in reality weighs more than I do, so I could end up with a greater percentage lost than he. Hopefully my allergies/cold (courtesy of Jonny) will not set me back. Only time will tell. Meanwhile I have discovered the weakness of my opponent and will use this to my advantage: homemade waffles and pound cake.

Jon: One week down one to go. I see the light and it seems to be running away from me, hahaha. I’ve lost a total of 4 pounds !! I am really stepping it up this last week. My use of biological warfare has seemed to slow down my opponent but how long will it last? I ,like my opponent, has discovered a weakness in her plan. She refuses to eat beans and this will be to my advantage. I have replaced dinner with beans to substitute my protein and fiber. This last stretch is going to be a gas....

There you have it folks the battle is fierce and the contestants are still thirsty for blood! Make sure you tune in next week for the conclusion to this all our war next on the JAE!


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