Congratulations to ...

RYU! ...I mean Jon for winning the first Will Work for Food Competition

Total weight loss for Jon: 9 lbs

Total weight loss for Janene: 4 lbs

Let's ask the contenders how they feel with this final result!

Janene's comments: "A small victory for me is good. I'm glad we did it together."

Jon's comments: "I didn't realize how fun this would be, I got into some good habits, and learned a lot about how to lose weight , I'd like to thank my competitor for giving me a run for (and spending) my money. Hopefully now we can work together to lose even more weight" I would also like to thank all my friends and family for their support.

Thank you both again for including the JAE in your pre-marital squabble , we are honored to have had you, and wish you the best out on your steak dinner!


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