Tuning Out the Tone Deaf! : Hurricane Season

Salutations my dear readers and followers, and welcome back to another edition of Tuning out the tone deaf. It’s been quite some time since my last review, but I figure with the JAE back in full swing after it’s untimely demise, what better time than now to come back in full force. No punch has been pulled, no throw has been feigned and every article that comes henceforth will be like a bukkake to the face (in a literary sense of course). So let the gangbang begin.

Today we take a look at Dan Andriano’s newest and first solo release titled, “Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room: Hurricane Season”. Written and produced completely by Dan himself with the help of a couple of guests on only a couple of songs, this album is a perfect showcase of how talented a musician Dan is.

“Hurricane Season” is a vast departure, musically at least; from Dan’s other work as bassist for Alkaline Trio, as in it’s more folk-country inspired acoustic rather than straight up punk songs from his other band. Lyrically, the album is very melancholy at least in the beginning and it’s felt immediately from the start with “It’s Gonna Rain All Day”. But as the album progresses, the mood definitely takes on a lighter mood with songs like “Me and Denver” bringing a cathartic feeling to the listener. This was probably Dan’s intention in the first place to take his listeners down before bringing them up and subtly bringing them down again forcing you to experience his music with almost all your senses and to recall all the painful and beautiful memories of your past.

As a whole, “Hurricane Season” is definitely some of Dan’s best work and in my honest opinion; this

album has been long over due. Dan’s talent not
only as a musician, but also as a songwriter has yet to be fully

appreciated and I think it’s safe to say that “Hurricane Season” brings these two things to the forefront.


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