St. Pat's P(o)INT

A while back, and I mean a WHILE back we were sideswiped by and wound up on their front page for a while back in early June.

It was cool to have the group meet up at The Hoppy Monk’s, but then it just occurred to me I never gave my review of this El Paso delight. So for today’s Pat’s P(o)INT I figured it’s a good opportunity.

This place was incredible for instance, selection of bubbly, there was a HUGE variety of beers at the Hoppy, (in fact I laid claim to a new favorite “Hazelnut Brown Ale” and my goodness, this musky liquid is my version of Popeye’s spinach). The service is on par with some of the best I’ve experienced in this city, excluding the chaos that is Art’s and Craft’s night, which even then wasn’t so bad. Also, the seating for A&C night was a bit rough; they decided to take up the longest tables on what appeared to be a very busy night.

I guess I can’t blame them as Sunday usually isn’t really known for its rush of alcoholics to the local pub. In addition to the beer selection, they also were all on tap, not a single drop of leprechaun urine was in a bottle, it was kept chilled and behind the bar, sadly on the night represented on in the picture they didn’t have my baby on tap so it was a bit disappointing, however it was SO depressing to have to cycle through their army of other delicious beers. (Sarcasm) So all in all it was an above average experience, I give it 4 out of 5 clovers, and can’t wait to get the rest of the JA’s here.

Stay tuned to next week’s review of some of the pub’s April and I visited in Sin City!

~ St. Pat


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