April's Finds

Working at Collectibles can have it's perks and here is one of them! When
filing our hundreds of catalogs I usually get to browse through them and every
once in a while I'll find some great things. This weeks find is the ironically
named "cockblocker" which corks your wine. Lets hope it doesn't do too good a job if you get my drift. You can find this item from Gama-Go Co. or probably a simple google search.

The other find is the ninja bread men. If you want gingerbread men but want
sonething cooler this is perfect and will feed your weird ego if you are
like Patrick, and convinced you are ninja.

(Editors note: Allegedly)

This item is brought to you by
Fred and Friends Co. and you can find it from them or good ole google.

That's all for this week see you next time for more finds!


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